Juniper Research says mobile VoIP users will touch the 130 million mark by 2016.

Mobile VoIP has made tremendous progress over the past few years. In the past, discussing Mobile VoIP with a wireless carrier was frowned upon to the point where some of the leading carriers were blocking SIP traffic on their data networks (a few still do). This has changed with Verizon cooperating with Skype, and AT&T recently launching their own Mobile VoIP service. This is incredible, considering that 5 years ago no one would believe this would happen. But then again, no one would have believed we’d be answering phones by sliding our finger across a screen or that cell phones would become so prevalent.

Mobile VoIP has definitely moved fast and the quality is getting better every day, as it is now possible (in some places) to make a video call from your mobile, over a 3G network, while in a moving vehicle (not while driving of course). This all will become even more relevant when 4G becomes ubiquitous, which will turn wireless providers into dumb data pipes (The Rise of the Stupid Network by David S. Isenberg) unless they find ways to keep adding value in the chain.

With smartphones making up more than 50% of mobile users the app companies have become the leaders (many of which are small companies) and the top carriers the followers…it will be exciting to continue watching and contributing as part of the evolution of this space.

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