Daitan Group Website

While our social channels may have appeared a little quiet over the past few months, it’s been anything but quiet in the corridors of Daitan Group’s offices in Silicon Valley and Campinas, Brazil.

We’ve been long overdue for a website upgrade — one that more accurately reflects our industry and service offerings, and we’re excited to have launched that upgrade this month.

We’ve focused our product development, maintenance and software QA services in three key industry areas:

Building this new suite of materials has helped us focus our value proposition — based on where we see our clients’ biggest challenges. Because in talking to hundreds of clients, we see the same theme over and again: the need for accelerated development schedules, in a tough employment market.

In-house development is expensive, and talent is scarce. It’s expensive and time-consuming to on-board new employees. And it’s hard to scale workforces as market demands change. That’s where our value lies. By delivering nimble, expert and dependable teams, we partner with our clients to significantly accelerate their time to market.

So, we invite you to take a look around our new website at www.daitangroup.com. And more importantly, connect with us and tell us what’s new in your business.

We look forward to talking to you.

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