We recently had the opportunity to talk with Paula Bernier, Executive Editor at TMC, about how Daitan has changed the outsource development model from one of lowest cost to one of highest value.

You can read her full article here but let me elaborate a little.

So what was wrong with the old outsourcing model?

Outsourcing from lowest cost countries such as India and China is certainly attractive on the surface, however several factors have led to extreme levels of dissatisfaction with this model. The major factor is the high level of competition in the IT sector that has led to high attrition rates; it’s common to start a project with one team of developers only to learn that the complete team has been replaced within 6-9 months due to attrition. This has obvious implications on productivity, loss of expertise and ultimately in projects that fail to meet the goals in price and timeframe.

Daitan, located in Campinas, Brazil, has a unique advantage in this area and as a result is able to provide extreme stability to our customers that leads to high productivity and quality, hence our company tag line “Highly Reliable Outsourcing, Value Added Services Worldwide”.

Why is Brazil Different?

Brazil has the world’s 4th largest Telecom infrastructure, and like many countries came from an environment of centralized government run telecom infrastructure (centered in Campinas). This led to Campinas becoming a center of excellence for telecom companies as well as becoming the home of the top engineering universities in Brazil. As the commercial barriers were dropped all of the large telecom vendors came to Campinas to set up development centers of excellence in order to take advantage of the large telecom opportunity that existed. While many still remain, the general global downsizing of these companies has provided a rich pool of “experienced” telecom engineers right on our doorstep.

At Daitan we take pride in our employees, all of whom are in full time employment with us. This recently led to Daitan being selected as one of the Top 100 Places to work in Brazil. Treating people well and with respect is a fundamental value to Daitan. For our customers this creates a very positive outcome of extremely low attrition rates of around 4% annually which results in higher productivity as well as continuity and alignment between our teams and with their business.

What Next?

We believe this combination of highly skilled and experienced telecom engineers, along with our focus on quality, productivity and employee satisfaction delivers a unique value to our customers that results in consistent meeting of goals, high levels of satisfaction and the foundation for long-term relationships.
We are convinced that our approach offers great advantages to our current and future customers. Give us the opportunity to show you how those advantages will benefit you and your business.