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We provide software product development services to leading global technology companies.

Daitan provides full lifecycle software product development, software product maintenance and software quality assurance services to leading global technology companies.

Our Company

Each member of our executive team has over 25 years of industry experience

Daitan was founded in 2004, with deep roots in the telecom industry. We have led the development and deployment of carrier-grade solutions in over 50 countries, and have since gone on to develop and deploy hundreds of scalable, reliable, and high-demand software products and systems for leading global companies.

Each of our executive team members has over 25 years experience at leading global companies, including: Lucent, Nortel, Alcatel, IBM, Hewlett Packard, LRE, and Siemens. We have built leadership product and service companies ourselves. We have led large enterprise development organizations. We have built great teams. And we’ve led the creation of next-generation cloud, big data, communications and systems management, and social and mobile solutions.

Our Locations

We are headquartered in San Ramon, California.

Daitan has two operations and engineering Centers of Excellence located in Campinas, Brazil, home to the University of Campinas, one of the most prestigious in Latin America; and Victoria British Columbia, Canada.

Campinas, Brazil is in Sao Paulo State, and is an area generally considered to be the ‘Silicon Valley’ of Brazil — with a large pool of highly educated and talented technology professionals. Victoria, Canada is located in British Columbia and known for a wonderful quality-of-life; the strength of its tech sector, and; exemplary Universities with strong engineering programs and partnership opportunities.

Our Workday is Your Workday

Because our operational locations are in Victoria, Canada and Brazil, our work days overlap with work days in North America and Europe. This makes work day communications much simpler than working with outsource companies further afield, such as Asia and India.

Cross over in work day hours makes collaboration easier.

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We Invest in Our Teams

At Daitan Group, we invest in on-going training for all our team members

We invest in on-going training for all our team members

With our wealth of business experience behind us, we know how important it is to be continually investing in our people.

We not only run Daitan University, for continuing education for our team members, but we also pride ourselves in a fostering an enriching work culture and environment.

As a result, we have become an award-winning place to work. We attract great talent. And we have a very low employee attrition rate.

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