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We pride ourselves on creating a healthy, productive, collaborative, and enjoyable environment for our employees

workingenvironment75Daitan is focused on creating a healthy, productive, collaborative, and enjoyable environment for our employees. Each member of the Daitan team is encouraged to not only do their best but to also be their best, from a career point of view. We believe in creating the right kind of working environment that fosters a community spirit and collaborative work, which in the end, reflects in the quality of work we produce for our clients. Our success is best demonstrated with our 4% attrition rate, resulting in relationships with our employee team that in some cases spans more than 25 years. Working together over many years, Daitan folks have become close colleagues and friends, and find ways of working together at highly efficient levels, and in the most effective ways.

collaboration75Collaboration is also a critical part of the Daitan work philosophy. We strive to create a highly collaborative work space for our employees to the benefit of working with each other and with our clients. We also foster collaboration between our employees and the executive team, operating on a true “open door” policy. We encourage employee input and believe that it is our employees that often have the solutions to every day challenges. We augment this collaborative environment with a strong executive presence and guidance. Employees gain a sense of ownership at Daitan, and as such are committed to being a part of the team for the long haul, and we aim to create programs to facilitate employee contribution.

We believe in “work hard, play hard,” in an enjoyable work space. We have implemented various employee programs that directly benefit the employee quality of life and work including BBQ parties, sports, charitable activities and social events. We are headquartered in San Ramon, California with operations in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, which is often called the “Silicon Valley of Brazil”. In Campinas, we enjoy the great weather, a dense population of technology-driven businesses, great universities, great food, and a strong work ethic. Our work environment translates directly into benefits for our customers, and results in greater efficiency, productivity, and employee retention.

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