webrtcconfVWhile WebRTC is relatively new, it is becoming increasing important for service providers to invest in this technology for competitive purposes. WebRTC enables collaboration including audio, video and peer to peer data sharing directly from browsers without having to download additional programs like Flash or Java in order for them to work efficiently.

In the last few years, the contributions of IP and OTT providers have significantly outpaced the contributions of service providers and network carriers. Without Web-based and IP service offerings they may soon find themselves relegated to the role of “bandwidth pipe” or just the conduit for services, rather than being the true “provider” of services.

While WebRTC has limitations to fully support functions in the telephony world, convergence can be achieved through a WebRTC gateway. Graham Holt of Daitan Group will be discussing options for service providers to leverage WebRTC technology to become more competitive. Executive Vice President at Daitan Group, Graham brings his experience with clients that have implemented WebRTC, uniquely positioning him to convey the needs of the market to offer clarity of the impact and opportunity of WebRTC.

Graham will join a panel discussion at the WebRTC V Conference & Expo and provide insights on how service providers can leverage WebRTC to expand service offerings. The conference will be held November 18-20 in San Jose, California. The panel discussion, “Building a Web Context Business Model with WebRTC”, will take place on Thursday, November 20 at 2:15pm in room 212A at the San Jose Convention Center. Graham will be presenting along other industry experts including Russ Coffin from Huawei, Karthic Loganathan from D2 Technologies and Douglas Tait of Oracle.

If you are looking to learn more about what WebRTC can do for your business and would like to meet up with Graham or another member of the Daitan team at WebRTC V, please email us at marketing@daitangroup.com.

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