Ribbit was a telecommunications company based in Mountain View, California and acquired b British Telecom in 2011. Ribbit offered a platform that allowed application developers to interact with telephone networks. Through its APIs and soft switch (a software telephone switch) technology, developers could add voice communications and text messaging capabilities to Web pages and software applications using familiar programming tools.

We began our partnership with Daitan when we started Ribbit back in 2006 after considering several alternatives. We decided to partner with Daitan for a number of reasons however, it was due to their commitment to timely deliveries as well as their deep experience in delivering telecom/IT solutions/applications over the past 20 years, that tilted the table in their direction. More specifically, we were in a critical path to introduce a new product to the market place and needed a reliable partner to team with us to meet our commitments. Daitan quickly stepped-in, ramped up seasoned resources and were able to successfully execute on systems engineering, quality software development and necessary QA initiatives, allowing us to not only meet, but exceed our expectations.

Ramani Narayan (“Nara”), Co-Founder and former VP of Engineering, Ribbit

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