DevOps Days is a worldwide series of technical conferences covering software development, IT infrastructure operations, and the intersection between them. Daitan Group looks forward to presenting at the Victoria, Canada venue on 25 May 2018, and at the São Paulo, Brazil event on 6-7 June 2018.

DeOpsDaysVictoriaBeyond Tools, A Human Approach to DevOps
Presenter: Eduardo Alves Carmargo

Summary: This is the story of a team’s experience adopting DevOps practices, but not from a tools standpoint. I’ll focus on the cultural differences, the interactions between teams, shared responsibilities and learning from your mistakes every day. I’ll go into details about how to get past common hurdles, such as siloed teams and communication issues.

It’s important to remember that tools, no matter how good they are—without the right people using it—are still just tools. DevOps culture flourishes from human collaboration and from understanding something from multiple perspectives—and there’s no automating that.

DevOps Days Sao PauloFrom Zero to Hero: The Evolution of a Software Lifecycle in a Small Company
Presenter: Paulo Gomez da Cruz Junior

Summary: Chaos! Despair! That was the scenario for engineers at a technology company in 2012. Different versions in different customer environments. It was a no man’s land, and like the wild West. But then, to the rescue, the DevOps philosophy, to save us from the despair. Now, peace and calm rules, with CICD and planning.Before DevOps, there were lots of different customer environments, lots of different versions and different services running like crazy. Constant outages and customer complaints dictating the daily priorities of developers. That was the scenario when I joined the company. Like many small companies, they assumed processes exist just to make everyone’s life miserable and therefore, operated without any.  But some time later, and I have to admit, it took us a lot of time, we realized that some processes were needed to save us from despair.

All for One and One for All — Like the old story about 3 guys that fight for what is right, our small, but bold Dev team started to change the way we worked; adopting some processes and starting to shape some order to the chaos. We discussed and figured out what we can do to help each other. It was hard and took us 2 long years to do so. But eventually we succeeded. As the DevOps principles teach us, its better to work together, as a real team, than separately inside our silos and blaming each other.

Automation, Automation and Automation — Humans are prone to error, especially if we deal with repetitive tasks. We get lazy and stop paying attention to the tasks—then, all of a sudden, something blows up. To change this, we automated a lot of things. Now we have a mature process to guide us through this dark and deep space of software development.

Small, but strong as a rock — Usually, people tend to think that DevOps is a thing for huge corporations, but this is not true. Even in a small project, with only your hands as an asset, you can apply DevOps.  And, if you would like to learn how we applied it to a 6 person team, join me at this talk.

DevOpsDays SaoPauloOrchestrating Automated Tests in Multiple Operating Systems and Browsers
Presenter: Kelvin Ronny Marques da Silva

Summary: What should you do if your product must be tested on multiple operating systems before delivering? And what if it must be tested on different browsers? That creates a lot of combinations. And how to do this on a Agile way? This session will talk about how we can orchestrate automated tests on different systems, on different browsers.Assuring the coverage on all operating systems and browsers supported by a product is one of the toughest tasks commonly faced when transitioning to a DevOps setup. Due to the high quantity of environment combinations, the complexity of organizing and executing tests increases and can lead to an ineffective pipeline. In this talk we will evaluate an automated orchestration of complex test suites that delivers the effectiveness needed for proper DevOps.