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IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS) is standardized architecture adopted by telecommunication operators to provide IP-based telecom services. Its main promise is to enable converged service offerings that are flexible and quick to deploy. IMS is not exactly an emerging technology and many have the perception that the benefits of most deployments to date have not offset the complexity and cost.

But we now see a convergence of factors that creates critical mass for established technologies, like IMS, combined with emerging technologies to deliver innovation such as integrated communication services.

The rollout of Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) by mobile operators will use IMS in very large scale, which is exactly where it can deliver on its promises. VoLTE is a mobility-enhanced version of VoIP in the IMS network. It is the final transition into a world where voice service is transported as data all the way to the handset.

In addition, these solutions can benefit from approaches already adopted in the Internet world such as software-centric deployments using Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) on high-volume, standard hardware platforms.

The implications are significant not only for the Mobile and Telecom Operators doing it, but also for Over-the-Top (OTT) Communication Providers, who will feel the competitive pressure to offer integrated services and can benefit from the unbundling of integrated systems previously accessible only to large operators.

VoLTE Deployments to change Communications Market

That is why we see IMS, VoLTE, WebRTC and NFV as key technologies for anyone in the telecom or IP-communications spaces. Together, these technologies will change the communications market.

  • VoLTE rollout will justify and drive the deployment of IMS by Mobile Operators
  • These deployments will leverage NFV to achieve scalability and cost-effectiveness in cloud infrastructures
  • Revenue streams of telecom equipment vendors are disrupted, causing the unbundling of previously integrated communications systems
  • Truly converged communication services become available through IMS
  • Over-the-Top service providers will be compelled to also offer integrated services and adopt the IMS architecture

The rollout of VoLTE is the market catalyst for the deployment of IMS. NVF is the technology enabler for Mobile Operators to achieve scalable and cost-effective services. Availability of converged services is the competitive pressure that will push OTT Operators to also adopt IMS.

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