Cloud Computing & Virtualization

Businesses face a growing imperative to leverage the power of SaaS-based cloud computing and virtualization environments to enable their business and consumer-facing applications and resources to operate at peak efficiency and performance.

Daitan has helped leading global companies cloud-enable their applications — both brand new software applications and the migration or upgrade of existing on-premise applications — to operate efficiently in cloud and virtualized environments. Companies are transforming their businesses to become SaaS/cloud-based to stay competitive.

Our clients turn to us because they need cloud-enabled applications that are resilient, high-performing, scalable, and elastic. Our expertise is relied upon for complete application re-architecture if needed, to allow business and customer applications to run efficiently in a scalable, elastic, multi-tenant cloud environment. We not only migrate applications to cloud-based environments, but we also add essential engineering processes and best practices, such as continuous delivery, to enable on-going accelerated deployment of upgraded products.

Our Expertise

  • Amazon Web Services
  • RackSpace
  • SoftLayer
  • OpenStack

We understand exactly what’s needed to support a client’s needs — for both public and private cloud. Software that Daitan built runs on every leading cloud infrastructure operator, including: Amazon Web Services, RackSpace, IBM’s SoftLayer and OpenStack.

Cloud Computing Expertise

We have developed in-depth knowledge of the critical elements of cloud solutions including hosting environments, storage systems, load balancing, performance tuning and more. We are able to navigate the complexities of providers’ rich portfolio of services on your behalf, to determine the right solution that precisely meets your needs. We even have specialized experience migrating client applications to multi-tenant cloud environments on Platforms such as Amazon Web Services Xen, to optimize cost savings and scalability.

  • Xen
  • KVM
  • Microsoft Azure
  • OpenStack
  • VMWare
  • Docker
  • OpenVZ
  • NFV
  • SDN

Virtualization Expertise

Business applications benefit from application virtualization in a wide variety of ways — for efficiency, security, reliability and more, and we understand the benefits and limitations of virtualization. We invest in our team to stay on the leading edge of tools and technologies that give our customers a competitive edge. Our teams are well equipped to satisfy the range of client needs from determining the right virtualization vendor, to leveraging both mainstream and emerging technologies such as Docker and OpenVZ containers to deliver the optimal solution for specific needs.

We are also experienced in helping clients who have large on-premise infrastructure and are looking to migrate that structure to a virtualized, private cloud to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

And, our deep experience in the demanding Telecom space has uniquely equipped Daitan to handle the complexities of building virtualized environments, including incorporating Network Functions Virtualization Frameworks (NFVs) and Software Defined Networking (SDN).

SaaS Expertise

We have also built applications that extend, and enhance, major business SaaS Platforms, including Salesforce APIs, social APIs, and a wide variety of our customers’ APIs, to enable customized SaaS integrations across platforms.

Recent Client Engagements

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A cloud-based VoIP/Telecom platform upgrade

Daitan built a key new strategic product for, a nationwide telecom service provider; the service was built on Bandwidth’s API, and architected in AWS. Read more about this project.

Telephony extensions to Salesforce

Daitan was asked by a sales service client to build a telephony system on top of Salesforce, with the business goal of increasing salesperson efficiency. System requirements included zero on-premise software, zero downtime, bi-directional synchronization with the Salesforce database, and incorporating call details into the Salesforce database.

A virtualized, cloud-based test system

Daitan was tasked with maximizing the efficiency of a client’s test analyst team. Daitan built applications that allowed analysts to run test scripts in virtualized environments, continuously, on all new builds, and across all specified OS and Browser configurations, without the need for repeated and complex infrastructure setups.

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