Communications & Messaging

Businesses are demanding seamless digital communications, collaboration and messaging, across devices and platforms both for internal workforces, and for instantly communicating with customers in real time — the moment they need help.

Clients are turning to Daitan to bring real time collaboration and communications, messaging and audio/video integration into their internal, and external customer-facing applications and products.

Our Expertise

  • WebRTC
  • FreeSWITCH
  • Project Clearwater
  • Skype
  • jitsi

Unified communications, integrating real-time, enterprise, communication services, instant chat messaging, web and video conferencing, and call controls involves a mastery of a wide variety of technology standards and a very specialized knowledge of telecom, web, cloud, video, messaging, and social solutions. Plus knowing how all those solutions can work together.

Daitan’s heritage in the area of telecom makes us uniquely qualified. For example, we understand how to build applications that use VoIP to send voice information digitally, using WebRTC protocols. We know the requirements for building applications that use Session Initiation Protocols (SIP) for working with video, voice, chat, gaming and virtual reality applications. The extent of technical expertise required to be experts in communications and messaging is huge, and Daitan has all the relevant knowledge and experience.

Recent Client Engagements

These are just a few examples of our work. If you want to ask about specific expertise, or just have questions, contact us for a free consultation

A proprietary, secure and high quality video conferencing system

Our client needed a custom built video conferencing system that addressed their requirement for absolute security in video transmissions, coupled with high quality audio, video and performance, and be integrated with public video conferencing standards such as Skype, Google Talk, H323 and SIP. Daitan built the system from the ground up, using Multipoint Control Units (MCUs) and WebRTC.

A major upgrade to a virtual contact center

Our client required significant enhancements to their core contact center Platform, including‘multi-chat’ functionality, co-browsing, social listening and dashboards of real-time metrics to ensure critical performance measures were being met.

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