Wholly new technical architectures to embrace massive scalability and rapid service delivery already exist. They are servicing companies like Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Adobe and eBay. Companies like these have fueled the creation of entirely new structures and components to deal with the demands of millions of people and devices simultaneously connecting, communicating, transacting and engaging 24x7x365.

The teams responsible for building the software that power enterprise Digital Transformation have to be ‘one step ahead’ all the time. They have to deploy software that must be designed for scalability, redundancy, elasticity, reliability, maintainability, security — and every other ‘ability’ that should be anticipated. We look on this as a completely new generation of enterprise architecture that enables rapid service development and delivery in a continuous evolving mode.

Technology Bellwethers for Digital Transformation

At Daitan Group, we recognize the adoption of certain technology concepts as ‘bellwethers’ for Digital Transformation. These technologies are the ones that drive designing for scalability — not just the ability to ‘get big fast.’ In particular, design to become more elastic by allowing for rapid new service development and delivery, as well as build processes and services that respond to demands in the most efficient and high-performance way. It’s complex, but all of this indicates how an enterprise is thinking about its digital future.

Examples of these technologies include structures and approaches such as Microservices, Containers, Message Brokers, Orchestrators, SDN (Software Defined Networks), and NFV (Network Functions Virtualization), along with the management automation of virtual infrastructure. They all build on the concept of ‘automatic’ resource and service management. And they are all embraced by companies serious about supporting a scalable and agile future.

Enterprise Digital Transformation is a Business Imperative

The costs and risks involved in Digital Transformation are numerous and substantial, from management transformation, to development of new resources, potential cybersecurity risks, and competitive pressures. Getting it right can be difficult when there isn’t a single, or perfect, solution for everything. Every engagement and every use case creates its own unique challenges and needs. Add to that the complexity of ‘inheriting’ monolithic legacy applications that may need to be ‘broken apart’ into efficient, scalable components that take advantage of these newer architectural approaches.

Digital Transformation is a complex business imperative and mandates the right strategic-level outsourcing development partner to ensure the right outcome.

Forrester indicates that this trend is growing and may even be best managed by a nearshore/onshore outsourcing software development provider—one unburdened by legacy thinking and armed with expertise in the latest technology approaches—to complement and expand an existing enterprise development team. The specificity of onshore/nearshore outsourcing providers was highlighted by Forrester in contrast to disappointing experiences by enterprises using classical offshore providers. Digital Transformation is a complex business imperative and mandates the right strategic-level outsourcing development partner to ensure the right outcome.

Daitan Group’s expertise is building software. We bring the right software experience and the expertise of a technology company. We understand the latest technologies and how they fit into the big picture of business architecture, technical architecture, application architecture and infrastructure architecture challenges. Designing for Digital Transformation comes down to the practical application of good engineering practices and common sense, the discipline to analyze up-front how best to do the design by understanding all of the ramifications of each design decision, and a careful analysis of constraints and expectations around use cases, technologies, architecture models, business growth, budget and time-to-market.

Yes, it’s a lot to take in, so we wrote a whitepaper that explains these concepts in greater detail, including our own experiences. Or, you can contact us to discuss your current digital transformation strategies and explore how Daitan Group can enable it as your strategic outsourcing partner.

If you’re interested in learning more about how new technologies relate to designing for Digital Transformation, then take a look at the White Paper below. Download the whitepaper to learn more.

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