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Data Science & Engineering

Building AI Projects to Accelerate Business

Daitan has developed, deployed, and maintains Data Science and Machine Learning systems in production across diverse verticals.


A Proven Approach to Take Your AI Projects from Design to Production

Across every industry, companies are using AI and Machine Learning to transform their data into business intelligence, products and better customer experiences that can help them grow.  Daitan’s Data Science & Engineering services focus on solving real-world problems that produce answers, such as anomaly detection in time series and high volume data flows; and increasing security at the edge using advanced biometrics like facial authentication.

Through our proven methodology, we work with your team to take an AI project from concept and design, to implementation and operation.

  • Data understanding & Exploration
  • Data pipeline analysis & Strategy
  • Iterative Proof of Concepts to de-risk projects
  • Implement production-ready systems
  • Ongoing maintenance & Fine-tuning models
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Daitan Engineers Have Years of Expertise in a Wide Range of AI Technologies, Frameworks & Tools


AI & Machine Learning Expertise, PoCs and Technical Best Practices

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