“For me, Daitan is all about trust and reliability.”

Ramani Narayan is a very successful technology entrepreneur. He has worked with Daitan on more than one occasion, including at Ribbit, a company acquired by British Telecom (BT) in 2008. We sat down with Ramani to talk about his experiences at startups, the challenges of weighing up resources, time and budget that all startups face, and how Daitan was able to help him put together instant, expert technology teams.

Take a look at the interview with Ramani.

Ramani Narayan - Customer Testimonial for Daitan Group

“Daitan came in at a critical juncture at one of my early startups. They delivered on time and on budget, so I bought them in again at my next startup… There is hardly any learning curve. They can jump in and take the responsibility. They are two steps ahead of me, which is an asset in the startup world.”

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