Case Study

Upgrade to a Cloud-based VoIP/Telecom Platform


Bandwidth is a US-based company that offers telecom and wireless services for major companies such as Skype, Google, Vonage and Sprint. Based on phone number management, Bandwidth is one of the largest carriers in the United States.

Bandwidth required a significant extension to their services to offer a cloud based application platform that allowed users to embed their services into their own apps through voice and messaging APIs. Performance, scalability and high availability were absolutely critical requirements, as Bandwidth works with demanding, high volume customers.

Daitan’s previous Telecom experience — particularly our work with Ribbit — was one of the primary drivers behind our selection as the outsourcing partner for the development of this product upgrade. That, coupled with the need to hire an expert team fast, to address the time to market challenge. As with many companies, Bandwidth was faced with the challenge of quickly hiring an expert team in a tight US employment market to build this new functionality upgrade. They needed to get this strategic new product to market fast, and with high quality.

Daitan’s heritage in Telecom made us uniquely qualified to bring this major strategic product to market for Bandwidth.


Daitan collaborated closely with Bandwidth to define the architecture for a scalable cloud based VoIP/Telecom service, exposing Bandwidth’s own web services API. The new system was designed to allow Bandwidth to offer value-add services to their own ecosystem of developers for voice, and messaging applications. Daitan then provided Bandwidth the additional development resources they needed to deliver on the product definition.

The project demanded that close attention be paid to performance, call quality, scalability and redundancy. The system was designed to orchestrate instances of servers and resources based on system needs, so Bandwidth could ensure that cloud resources were always available as their customer load demanded.
The system’s virtualized infrastructure leveraged open source software, existing in house software and cloud services, and required an in-depth knowledge of load balancing, virtual machine setups, as well as network and storage services.

The initial proof of concept and customer trials was delivered on time and within budget. Following the successful market adoption of the solution, it became a stable production service. Daitan continues to collaborate with, and support, Bandwidth to maintain and grow the system.

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