Case Study

Cassandra DB on AWS

The Problem

An innovative Bay Area startup in the social media space required expertise to analyze, design and implement a scalable and robust data store that was able to handle hundreds of terabytes of data.

The solution was required to operate without a single point of failure and a companion backup solution was also required.

The whole solution was required to be provided with a lowest total cost of ownership.

The Solution

The customer turned to Daitan due to our multiple years in developing highly reliable and scalable telecom platforms that are powering some of the worlds most innovate communications infrastructures.

Daitan Technical Managers analyzed the requirements and did some initial hands on testing with the customers existing solution to understand the dynamics of the data storage and retrieval and also worked at business level to understand the cost, security and reliability requirements.

Based on Daitan’s experience in big data solutions and scalable resilient infrastructure we selected the Cassandra database to implement a distributed database with host swap and fault tolerant characteristics. To meet the backup requirements we selected the Netflix developed Priam solution to implement a distributed backup solution.

The whole solution was sized and designed to run in Amazon cloud utilizing the elastic and dynamic nature of the environment to provide on demand optimized sizing of the cluster to ensure adequate performance and resilience with lowest cost.

The Benefits

The customer benefitted from Daitan’s experience in Big Data solutions. At Daitan we like to say that “the shortest path between two point is experience” and this certainly proved to be the case in this customer project where we could leverage our previous lessons learned to provide a robust, scalable fault tolerant solution to meet the customers needs at lowest overall cost.

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