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Integrated, Secure Video Conferencing Solution


Video has now become a common interaction method in workers’, and consumers’ lives. Organizations understand that they should now consider offering video communications as an alternative way to communicate and collaborate. But special challenges arise when those video communications must be secure — particularly in heavily regulated environments. Securing voice and video to trusted, and non-trusted, endpoints using IP protocols requires some significant learnings.

Secure, high-quality video communications in a highly regulated environment

In the last year, Daitan Group took on this challenge of secure video communications, with a highly strategic project on behalf of a client that needed a completely custom built video conferencing system that addressed their need for absolute security in video transmissions, coupled with high quality audio, video and performance.

The client was a large financial services client who required a proprietary video conferencing solution that allowed integration to any video solution, including Skype and Google Talk, but maintain absolute security of transmission, as well as scalability, and high quality audio and video. The system needed to be used for both internal communications, and for communications between the financial services company and their external clients.


  • Skype
  • Google Talk
  • H323
  • SIP

Daitan Group developed the ‘gateway’ products for this company’s video solution, enabling integration of different video solutions (Skype, Google Talk, H323 and SIP) using MCUs (Multipoint Control Units) technology and WebRTC. The integration required a very deep knowledge of telecom solutions, as well as SIP and VoIP. The entire system was developed from the ground up, using open source libraries. Video and audio quality was of paramount importance, and was solved by developing specialized transcoders to normalize and integrate media, while maintaining complete security of transmission.

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