Case Study

Media Gateway Sustaining

The Problem

The customer had recently acquired a company and laid off development staff from one of their locations that had been maintaining 2 VoIP Media Gateway products which were considered legacy but still active with some key customers.

Having lost the internal product knowledge and needing to minimize costs whilst still maintaining SLAs with existing customers they turned to Daitan for help.

The Solution

Daitan made an initial evaluation of the products by studying available documentation, analyzing the bug backlog and product enhancements list and a brief analysis of the code which totaled around 5 million lines of code.

Based on this Daitan proposed a fixed annual price to take over complete maintenance of the products. The fixed price was based on a committed number of bug fixes per month and covered Tier 2 and Tier 3 support. As well as fixing bugs to maintain customer satisfaction Daitan also maintains a team of product experts that can be called upon to respond quickly to any existing or new market demand for feature enhancements.

Daitan was able to hire two of the previous product architects for a period of one month to accelerate the gaining of critical knowledge of the product architecture and set a team to begin to study and document the product.

Within 2 weeks Daitan had already discovered and fixed new bugs in the products and within a month were able to be fully proficient in meeting the SLAs for bug fixes per month.


The customer was able to continue to meet their SLAs with their customers and maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing a high quality of support service. They were also able to respond quickly to sales driven feature enhancements and provide accurate cost and timeframe information to build business cases and proposals for the end customers.

Providing the service at a fixed annual price based on number of bugs per month gave the customer a high level of predictability that allowed accurate product planning for the product and having on demand technical resources to develop new features allowed them to respond to customer demand and only incur development cost when the customer case was approved.

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