Case Study

Upgrade to a Virtual Contact Center Platform


Customer engagement center upgrade, to deliver ‘first call resolution’

Our client had an existing contact center application that needed expanding and upgrading to incorporate new collaboration, communication and messaging functionality that they could then provide as an upgrade to their own clients. The client’s focus was on ensuring a customer’s problem was solved quickly, in the first call, by agents anywhere in the world, without the need for supervisor escalation.


Daitan built and integrated a series of significant enhancements to this contact center’s service.

The upgraded included an advanced ‘multi-chat’ functionality. Customers wanting to chat in real-time to a customer service representative could do that chat in their own language, and have the chat be translated on-the-fly to the customer service representative’s native language, and vice versa. This assured that subject matter experts were available to answer customer enquiries and achieve SLAs irrespective of language.

Daitan also developed a a co-browsing feature, that allowed customer service representatives to ‘take over’ (with permission) the customer’s browser to help solve problems. Being designed for broad usage the solution anticipated data security and sensitivity needs by allowing fields to be masked or hidden to ensure the user’s privacy.

Finally, Daitan delivered a live dashboard of statistics and metrics for the contact center’s personnel and administrators to see, in real time, critical performance indicators — such as average waiting time, success rate, and more.

Overall Daitan accelerated time to market and enabled this client to significantly upgrade its position in the market by bringing specific expertise in multiple areas.

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