Case Study

SIP Test Automation

The Problem

The customer is a large global telecom operator providing a large array of services to their business and consumer customers around the world. With an active development schedule to release innovative new features to market and a large, diverse product set, the efforts required for manual testing were both extremely costly and time-consuming, which slowed release cycles.

The Solution

Based on Daitan’s previous experience in developing test automation frameworks and testing scripts, the customer turned once again to Daitan for help. Daitan has taken a leadership role in testing, test automation and test driven development with multiple customers and has a broad and deep knowledge of the tools and best practices.

As well as knowledge of the tools and best practice Daitan also provided insight to help the customer understand where the lowest hanging fruit was and to analyze their true needs (i.e. was cost reduction more important than shortened product release cycle or was improving quality assurance the main driver?).

Based on this analysis a solution was implemented using a variety of tools including Qualisystems Testshell Studio, Empirix Hammer, tshark (wireshark), VB script, shell scripts and XML.

The eventual solution required relatively deep customization since the analysis and comparison of SIP parameters from both sides of the call were required and in some cases these needed to be reconciled against Call Data Records to ensure accurate billing was also taking place. The standard tools were not able to perform this level of correlation and analysis so several custom plug-ins needed to be created.

In the end Daitan was able to deliver a test automation framework and scripts that were able to execute automated tests each night and every night to replace manual tests that had previously taken weeks to perform.

The Benefits

This test automation initiative delivered many benefits to the customer, such as:

  • Nightly testing ensures problems are spotted early
  • Issues are identified and isolated quickly
  • Cost of test execution is drastically reduced
  • Coverage of tests are drastically enhanced
  • Product release cycles are shortened
  • Product Quality is improved

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