Case Study

Subscriber Web Portal

The Problem

Our customer is a large, global telecom equipment vendor that provides a complete range of solutions from software stacks to switching equipment, SBCs and SDN solutions.

The end customer demands not only excellence in performance but also simplicity in management to minimize their deployment and ongoing provisioning and support costs.

A complete web based portal was required that would simplify the management of devices and also allow subscribers to have access to easy to use self service options for configuring their services.

The Solution

Daitan is a leading product and service development company and is very active in the areas of web and cloud development as well as enterprise mobility. This experience proved to be critical for this project where it was necessary to analyze the available APIs from the products as well as understand and detail the user experience required for the product.

In Web Based and Mobile applications the user experience (UX) aspect cannot be overlooked and so Daitan’s information architects, UX designers and interface designers worked together to ensure the necessary workflows and features were available to the user in an intuitive way.

The Benefits

Complex technology solutions are often necessary to meet the needs of diverse telecom and communication infrastructures that exist around the world but for operators and business end users the support and management cost is also a critical factor.

The web based subscriber portal provided ease of use for operators as well as end users and significantly reduced support call costs for the operators as well as the equipment vendor. On top of this we cannot count the benefit of satisfied customers who have intuitive access to their most used service features.

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