Case Study

WebRTC Interoperability

The Problem

A leading cloud based video conferencing service provider has an innovative solution for their customers that allows video and audio interoperability between endpoints from multiple vendors using a variety of protocols.

With the recent emergence of WebRTC, there was a need to extend their existing infrastructure to support WebRTC and to build their first WebRTC client.

NOTE – WebRTC is an innovative new standard and technology implemented in the browser that allows real time communication in the browser without plugins. You can learn more about WebRTC and interoperability in our Blog.

The Solution

Daitan continuously maintains active research in emerging technologies in order to be a trusted advisor and development partner to help customers acquire a competitive edge through innovative solutions. We like to say that we take the risks and cross the bridge first to gain the experience that can later help our customers to cross the bridge safely.

Daitan had been active in HTML5 development and in research on WebRTC and in this case worked with the customer to define and implement a gateway and browser based client.

Since WebRTC does not define any signaling, there is need for the solution provider to add this functionality and SIP was chosen in this case. A SIP stack was then implemented in the web client in Javascript (transported over HTML Websocket) to interact with the gateway server to control the calls. The gateway converts from WebSocket to UDP transport and also deals with any SIP nuances to ensure successful interoperability.

The gateway also deals with the necessary video transcoding in software to ensure interoperability between the two sides.

The Benefits

The company is among the first in the market to extend its services to its customers with WebRTC. As demand for WebRTC grows and innovative new applications are launched they are well positioned to take advantage of the market opportunity that is emerging.

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