As we come to the end of another year I would like to reflect on the year and pick out some of the highlights and achievements we’ve enjoyed with, and on behalf of, our customers.

2015 has been a great year for us at Daitan Group — and we’re looking forward to another great year in 2016.

Thanks for the collaboration

Great software and product development is all about collaboration and alignment

Throughout my life I’ve learned that great software and product development is all about collaboration and alignment. Great products are built by great business and technical teams working together.

So I want to start by giving a big thank you to our customers, and to our engineering teams, for the open communication and collaboration which have been fundamental to our long lasting relationships and to the great products they help create.

It’s an exciting time to be in technology

We’ve continued in our quest to add value to our customers through engineering process and specific technology expertise. We have been active in our own internal research and innovation efforts throughout 2015.

These investments been mostly focused on Web Collaboration, Big Data, NFV, Virtualization, Orchestration and DevOps. These are all areas we are seeing increased demand from the market.

In making these investments our goal for 2016 and beyond is to continue to be prepared to help new and existing customers to help deliver the next ‘hot’ solution to the market — quicker.

A Great Place to Work™

Daitan Group — the 16th best place to work in Brazil!
Great Place to Work

For our employees, Daitan truly remains a Great Place to Work™ and this is borne out by the independent research conducted by the Great Place to Work™ organization.

Since we joined the program in 2012 and earned the position of #43 company in IT & Telecom in Brazil, we have improved our position.

Now I’m truly honored, on behalf of our employees, to have achieved the position of 16th best place to work in Brazil.

Looking Forward to 2016

To close out, and in looking ahead to 2016, I remain personally excited and fulfilled to be in the technology industry. We are just now starting to realize the value in the huge amounts of data that are being produced in the world and in putting that data to use. This is fueling a whole host of new technologies in Big Data, IoT, machine learning etc that we can continue to embed in many applications and services that we are building with, and for, our customers.

We will keep you updated through the year with our newsletter announcement, whitepapers and case studies, and hope to meet with many of you personally in the events that we will be attending.

Happy Holidays and very best wishes from all of us for 2016.

Augusto Savio Cavalcanti

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