Product Development

Software product development services for the complete — or partial — product lifecycle.

Bringing products to market fast is critical to business success, and requires a nimble, dependable and expert product development team. At Daitan, we’ve delivered hundreds of scalable, reliable, and high-demand software products for leading global companies.

  • Cloud computing
  • Virtualization
  • Collaboration
  • Communications
  • Messaging
  • Big Data & Analytics

However, building, and expanding, in-house software product development teams is expensive. Talent is scarce. Recruiting and onboarding employees takes time and money. Plus, there’s limited flexibility to respond quickly to size your workforce to meet the changing demands of business and budget.

Daitan’s software product development services accelerate time to market. Over more than a decade, we’ve successfully delivered hundreds of projects, while taking risk out of the entire process of building scalable, reliable, and high-demand systems for our portfolio of leading global companies.

Our Expertise

Daitan Product FlowOur teams cover the entire product lifecycle:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Architecture and design
  • User experience design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Bug fix and verification
  • Deployment
  • Enhancements and maintenance

We have employees skilled in the latest cloud, virtualization, big data, and collaboration technologies, whether the requirement is enterprise-class applications, mobile apps, real-time communications, web applications or back-end infrastructure.

Our Team is Your Team

At Daitan, we make it feel like it’s in-house.

At Daitan, we focus on building a partnership. We share responsibility not only for the development process, but also in your project’s success.

We don’t see ourselves as ‘just’ developers. We become a fully managed extension of your own team, with expertise in your domain.

At Daitan, our teams are your teams

At Daitan, our teams’ workdays overlap with yours

We work with you at every organizational level — from manager, through operational directors, up to your head of engineering or CTO.

At Daitan, we are known for building partnerships, and we share responsibility for your project’s outcome and success.

And, as a nearshore company with development based in Brazil, our teams are hard at work no matter how early your day starts. We are able to lead, and participate in, all daily stand-ups on your schedule. Because our workdays overlap with yours, communications are much simpler than with offshore companies based further afield.

Daitan standalone teams

Standalone teams are fully self-contained, delivering against your agreed business milestones, from first analysis through final delivery and post-delivery maintenance.

Daitan augmented teams

Augmented teams offer additional capacity to your engineering resources, usually to provide specialty technical domain expertise and/or additional capacity to help accelerate a product’s time to market.

Your Daitan Technical Manager

Your Daitan Technical Manager takes full responsibility for your project

At the very start of an engagement you are assigned a dedicated Daitan Technical Manager.

Your Daitan Technical Manager becomes your partner throughout the entire relationship.

The Technical Manager’s job is to remain focused on your business and technology goals, to provide transparent reporting, and be responsible for collaborating with your own product owners and engineering teams.

Agile Development Methodologies

At Daitan, we invest in training our teams on the latest development methodologies

Agile methodologies are founded on predictability, speed, and simplicity, and we pride ourselves in our mastery of the latest Agile communications and collaboration tools and systems.

All our teams include Certified Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Certified Project Management professionals.

Naturally, we also have deep experience with other development methodologies, such as Waterfall.

If you have specific process needs, or have questions, connect with us for a free consultation.

Have questions? Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your project.

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