Product Maintenance

Product maintenance programs and services that offload maintenance burdens from internal teams

When internal resources are focused on the development of critical new products, the maintenance of existing products puts stresses on those resources. Or, worse, maintenance starts to take a back seat.

Daitan’s maintenance program services take on the burden of maintenance and support of already released products, allowing you to focus your teams on business growth through new product development.

Full Service Maintenance Teams

Daitan teams take on the full burden of product maintenance and support

Our full service maintenance programs allow you to focus your internal teams on business growth through new product development projects. Our teams reduce the overall cost of maintaining in-market products, because they allow you to:

  • Control the cost and business risk of mature products;
  • Maintain Service Level Agreements with your key customers;
  • Develop new product features as on-demand packages; and
  • Provide the business predictability of fixed annual cost services.

Fixed Cost Maintenance Teams

Our full service maintenance teams allow you to focus your teams on critical new product development

Our maintenance teams take full engineering responsibility for product code maintenance and support, at a fixed annual price, based on a joint assessment of:

  • Existing customer service agreements and commitments;
  • The number of active customers;
  • The typical volume of Level 2 and Level 3 support requests;
  • The number of expected bug fixes per month;
  • The size of the bug fix backlog, and
  • Code base size and complexity.

On-Demand Resource Pools

Our on demand resource pools allow you to respond immediately to your client demands

Our on demand resource pools allow you to respond immediately to your clients’ fast-changing needs

Once we are maintaining your codebase, we are able to respond immediately to a sales-driven demand.

How? We invest in engaging additional resources — at our own cost — to create an on-demand resource pool. This pool of talent becomes expert in your product, and can be made immediately available to you. You only get billed when specific customer projects are engaged at your request. You always maintain control of costs and scope.

Fast team ramp up

Daitan has more than a decade of experience effectively and efficiently planning transitions and ramping up teams. It typically takes 2–6 weeks to ramp up a maintenance team.

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