QA & Testing

Testing and quality programs to maintain, or improve, released product quality

We know that the critical step of quality assurance can become a bottleneck in product development. Engineering teams are pushed to get new products, and new features, to market. Customers demand fast releases. Release cycles become ever shorter.

Daitan’s quality assurance and testing services solve the bottleneck. Quality and reliability are built into Daitan’s core company values, and our testing programs are designed to allow our clients to keep pace with customer demands, without ever compromising quality.

Full Service Quality Assurance & Testing Teams

All our testing programs start with detailed user personas to understand acceptance criteria

Our programs start with detailed user personas to understand acceptance criteria

Our full service quality assurance and testing programs allow you to maintain high-quality products in market, with programs that cover:

  • Test planning
  • Test execution
  • Test automation frameworks and tools
  • Automated regression testing (ART)
  • Continuous integration testing (CIT)
  • Test driven development
  • Performance, capacity and availability testing

Test Planning & Execution

Daitan Group Expert Software QA Teams

Our teams are expert in the latest testing methodologies

We start with an understanding of user personas, use cases, expected user experience and acceptance criteria, to ensure our teams are working with a holistic view of your product.

We use our sophisticated tools to build rigorous test plans.

Plus, our Technical Managers supplement this process with their expert domain, market and technology expertise.

Test Automation Frameworks & Tools

With the benefit of years of experience through hundreds of projects, Daitan has deep experience with numerous test automation tools. Our teams have built customized test automation frameworks and infrastructures that maximize accuracy and efficiency. We craft a test automation framework that matches your project needs and priorities.

Test Driven Development

For the most demanding environments, Daitan promotes test-driven development practices. We work with you to define, and implement, a test automation framework that is appropriate to your project’s environment. We create test harnesses and fixes. We create monitoring and reporting dashboards. And, we work with your developers to ensure that test fixtures are worked into the planning and execution of each development task.

Performance, Capacity & Availability Testing

Finally, we are able to run performance, capacity and availability testing tools that allow us to test systems for responsiveness and stability under a typical, and a stressful, workload. Tests also ensure that products are scalable and reliable in real-world scenarios.

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