Content and Poll Results from Recent Webinar

On Wednesday, April 23 we held a webinar entitled WebRTC Lessons Learned where we presented key findings from our implementation of WebRTC in business applications for several software vendors over the past two years.

The webinar outlined key considerations in areas of signaling, browser APIs, media quality, multi-party session options and support for mobile devices.


Our audience consisted primarily of large to medium-sized mobile and telecom operators and over-the-top (OTT) communication providers. Many participated in our polling questions during the webinar that provided some insights about their issues and plans for WebRTC.

Here are the results from our poll:

Over half, 52%, of the audience indicated they had plans to use WebRTC in multiple applications including video/web conferencing, unified communications and vertical audio/video services and contact center applications.

A large majority, 79%, said that their applications have end points that use different audio/video codecs versus 13% said they have the same set of codecs in use, and 8% said they were unsure.

Most of the attendees, 90%, have applications that require integration with traditional telephony, such as SIP or H.323.

Communication requirements of 39% of webinar participants include 1-to-1 and many-to-many support, while another 39% indicated the need for just 1-to-1.

Implementing WebRTC in a mobile device solution is the plan for 79% of the attendees.

For a complete recording of this session, please go to Webinar Recording: WebRTC Lessons Learned.