Paulo Pessoa

Executive Team

Paulo Pessoa

GM, R&D Customer Operations, Latin America

Mr. Pessoa leverages his expertise in enterprise technology development, his leadership skills as an educator teaching technical project management, and his two decades of technology experience to ensure Daitan meets its high standards for project development and a consistent track record for customer satisfaction.

In the role of GM of Customer Operations at Daitan Group, Mr. Pessoa guides the company’s execution of all customer projects through disciplined benchmark development processes that produce highly reliable, quality solutions. His established methodologies identify important measures of success at the start of every project and continuously assess progress and performance throughout. Mr. Pessoa’s strong business acumen and communication skills enable all stakeholders within Daitan and the customer’s organization to be active participants contributing to the project’s overall success. His oversight of Daitan’s core values is integral to all aspects of its operations and are key to achieving complete customer satisfaction through delivery of advanced technology solutions.

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