Communications and “The Cloud”

Telecom Infrastructure traditionally had a mixed mission of providing reliability and efficiency. Because reliability has high perceived value, we favored it over cost efficiency for most of the history.

But in a world that is becoming more and more dependent on connectivity, increasing volume of connections and transactions provides a higher financial incentive to find efficiencies. It is not a new lesson that efficiencies can be achieved through consolidating and converging the infrastructure and sharing service platforms over a large number of users.

“Cloud Computing” is the answer to those trends. If it can match the reliability of dedicated infrastructures, it can easily deliver more efficiency compared to highly redundant infrastructures. We have reached the tipping point in IT, where the flexibility and abundance of converged infrastructures can deliver on that combination. We are probably at the tipping point in Communications.

Delivering solutions in the cloud required a different approach to facing problems: simply moving components from dedicated hardware to the cloud won’t produce the results. You need to rethink your systems to take advantage of the flexibility of the cloud and move redundance requirements up from hardware to software systems.


Source: IBM – “The natural fit of Cloud with Telecommunications

Project Clearwater: IMS in the cloud

IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) is the architecture used by telco operators to deliver IP-based voice, video and messaging services, replacing legacy circuit-switched systems and previous generation VoIP systems based on softswitching. It is one of the main infrastructure components telco operators are deploying now.

Clearwater is an Open Source project implementing an IMS system supporting all of the key standardized interfaces expected of an IMS core network. But unlike traditional implementations of IMS, Clearwater was designed from the ground up for the Cloud. By incorporating design patterns and open source software components that have been proven in many global Web applications, Clearwater achieves an unprecedented combination of massive scalability and exceptional cost-effectiveness.

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Source : Project Clearwater 

“WebRTC and IMS in the Cloud” White Paper and Online Demo

Daitan Group has deployed an instance of Clearwater running in the cloud, integrated it with WebRTC clients to make it possible to make end-to-end calls from Chrome or Mozilla browsers using an IMS infrastructure.