The Outsourcing Paradigm

July 15, 2012

Paradigms are good when they help us focus on what is important or when they help us fix a problem, but can be bad when they blind us, precluding any kind of innovation or new ideas.

At Daitan we recognized the need for a new paradigm in outsourcing. The low cost, high volume body shop approach became obsolete for many reasons not least of which was the changing economic climate in emerging nations which led to a high level of competition and high staff turnover rates that some claim to be 100%. The low cost, but low productivity body shop model creates a high management overhead for companies who needed to manage teams in very distant time zones and cultures relegating outsourcing to pure coding and non-core activities.

What’s New

Daitan set out to change this with a model that is based on ongoing quality, reliability, expertise and value. We have never forced any customer into signing a multi year contract but yet our customers stay with us for many years.

All of our employees are full time employees and we invest heavily in employee satisfaction. We are proud to have been recognized in the top 100 employers in Brasil and enjoy staff turnover rates of less than 5%. This not only allows us to provide continuity and quality to our customers but also dramatically improves productivity and protects your intellectual property with a dedicated team that is invested in your company and your customers’ success.

When you partner with Daitan we will build a team for you that are experts in technology and development best practice, and who are also knowledgeable about your customers and market drivers. We will begin to contribute to product strategy, and market requirements as well as in architecture, design, implementation and engineering quality best practices.

We’d love to learn more about your company and how we can help you bring your products to market faster and more economically, and support you in your customer success projects.

Augusto S. Cavalcanti
Daitan Group – Founder & CEO