Happy mother with daughter video chatting on laptop. Horizontal shot. Isolated on white.

In the past years, communications applications such as Skype and FaceTime have revolutionized how consumers use computers to communicate in real-time. Grandma talks and interacts with her grandchildren through the Internet even when they live thousands of miles apart.

Now WebRTC, an emerging standard for real-time communications, is gathering a lot of attention. Its promise is similar: seamless sharing of voice, video, data. Why is it so special?

The big difference is that WebRTC is embedded in the web browser. There is no need to install a native client. Once WebRTC is available in the mainstream, developers without telecom experience can integrate communications features into web and mobile applications by adding a couple of lines of JavaScript code.

That will bring a new wave of inovation, creating disruption and new opportunities. Grandma led the way, now it is time for business to wake up to the potential of WebRTC in customer service, video conferencing, marketing, sales.


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