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Leading global technology companies rely on Daitan to build their ground-breaking software products.

You can depend on our experience, expert teams and broad range of software product development services to accelerate your product’s time to market.

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Find out why major global technology companies trust Daitan to build their software products.

The Software Product Development Dilemma

In-house development is expensive. Talent is scarce. Recruiting and onboarding employees takes time and money. Plus, you have limited flexibility to respond quickly to size your workforce as demands change.

But you don’t want to introduce additional risk. Low quality work, management overhead, work schedules that do not overlap with your team, and a high attrition rate have meant that “traditional” outsourcing often fails.

Daitan is the nearshore software development leader that solves this software product development dilemma.

Why Choose Daitan

Our nimble, expert and dependable teams are ready to start on your software development project the moment you need them — so you can meet your aggressive development schedules with confidence.

  • Nimble

  • Expert

  • Dependable

We Understand You

Our headquarters, and many of our clients, are in Silicon Valley, where speed and agility are essential for success. We understand the culture. We think and work as you do.

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Plus, our development teams’ work hours overlap with yours — so no matter how early you get to work, we’ll be online and ready to work with you throughout your day. (Because no one enjoys Scrum meetings at midnight.)

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