As a company who has been providing software development outsourcing services for over ten years now, we have come to understand that successful client engagements come from building a true partnership mindset. One that’s built on a model that can deliver innovation and a manageable cost of total execution, without introducing increased risk.

Companies today are moving to outsource partial, and entire, application development workloads to offshore providers, forced by their critical needs to:

  • Find, hire, and ramp up software product development teams with the right expertise in a tight employment market,
  • Accelerate time to market in a competitive, fast moving business landscape, and
  • Reduce costs, in a market where salaries and benefits demanded by technology professionals are continually increasing.

Outsourcing a company’s application software development has placed new challenges on engineering leadership. Because hiring and ramping up qualified internal teams is a huge burden, companies are commonly outsourcing software development to speed their time to market. But in doing so, two new business risks emerge — delivery quality and timeliness.

This is leading to a change of mindset both by teams selecting an outsource provider, and by those providers themselves. A partner mindset. Because a close partnership is the only way to meet the high demands of innovation in today’s technology market — which dictate that companies must deliver a fast time to market with high quality software.

This white paper presents a framework for that partnership mindset — with a model that can deliver innovation and manageable cost of total execution, without introducing increased risk.

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